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5 Financial Aid Essentials to Know Before Your Student’s Senior Year

Are YouĀ AĀ Parent WithĀ AĀ College-Bound High School Student?

Your student is focused on getting the grades. Meanwhile, youā€™re trying to figure out how to get money to pay the bill.

If this is you, this FREE Financial Aid PrimerĀ exactly what you need to set you up for successĀ to getting you on the right college money trail.

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Inside This Free Guide:

You’ll Learn The Secrets That Colleges Don’t Want You To Know

Get ahead of the curve with knowledge & strategies that can help you make the best decisions when shopping for college. 

Here are some of the the things you'll learn:

  • How college pricing works
  • Why Affordability & Admissibility Go Hand in Hand
  • The benefits of a financial safety school
  • How to guess where you are more likely to get financial aid
  • Different ways colleges hand out need-based aid
  • Why some schools may be more generous than others
  • How you can still get money for college even when you don’t qualify for need-based aid
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